What is preventing us to make progress in life?

As a matter of fact, we can spend way too much time in organising ourselves every day. Or… we never get organised. Neither mentally nor physically.

How often do we say: I need to get organised first I am too busy It is raining It is just not the right moment I need to become better first I just can’t do that I don’t know how it works And if I fail….

It is a great strategy to stay where we are and not to move forward. But it is preventing us to reach our ideal life.

➡️” I am busy” is a choice. ➡️“I can’t do it” is a choice.

We chose to be so. We are busy without progress. We are hiding from a great life. And in the end, we think this is life.

Is it possible to be truly well with yourself but not doing any attempt to grow and develop as a person, to be courageous and curious?

And if you knew what you really want? And if you knew the ways to get there? And if you started to keep on going? And if you had the discipline to continue? And if you had the confidence in yourself? And if you stop tolerating what really annoys you?

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