Purpose in life

So many of us are looking for a real purpose in life and how we can turn ideas into action.

My aim is to introduce you to wonderful people who dare to build something for their community and environment and, who have found their purpose in life.

I would love to introduce you to Lisa Jameson:

Lisa Jameson is an Independent Associate or LegalShield at the Director level.

LegalShield was founded in 1972 with the mission to make equal justice under the law available and affordable for ALL human beings.

LegalShield is in all 50 states and every Province & Territory in Canada, serving nearly 5 million people. LegalShield has plans that protect individuals, families, businesses, employees and CDLP’s. They also have the number one Identity Theft Protection rated by Forbes.

Lisa is an honest and caring person who loves helping people protect themselves and their rights.

Though, Lisa has another passion in her life to help stop human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children.

She is constantly making people aware that this is a real problem here in the US just as much as it is abroad.

She has been on several podcasts and wants to continue getting onto podcasts to spread awareness and to teach parents about how they can help prevent it from happening to their children. 👉 Lisa is a member of an organization called The Underground. She spreads awareness and has done a few fundraisers for

which is a faith-based organization working with a couple hundred other churches in Connecticut, USA to end human trafficking in Connecticut and beyond.

She hopes to do more fundraisers now that the Covid has lightened up here in the States. She is also volunteering at a home for women coming out of trafficking.

👉 If you would like to hear more about Lisa’s purpose and how you can help make a difference, then don’t miss this interview with her on May 28th at 4:30pm CET, 9:30am CT, 10:30am EST.

Zoom Meeting with Lisa Jameson - 10:30 US time

Uhrzeit: 28.May.2021 04:30 PM Madrid

Meeting-ID: 826 9583 5142

Code: 779711

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