Purpose in life

So many of us are looking for a real purpose in life and how we can turn ideas into action.

My aim is to introduce you to wonderful people who dare to build something for their community and environment and, who have found their purpose in life.

"Be persistent in life! Things don’t necessarily go right on the first try."

-Sandra Carrasco.

I would love to introduce you to Sandra;

born in Peru, since a little girl, Sandra had a great curiosity about different cultures and wanted to see the world. She later developed a great interest in Japanese culture. Sandra look for ways to learn about the Japanese language and the culture while she was university student. After her graduation, Sandra applied for a scholarship from the Japanese government for graduate studies. Yet, it took her three times until she was finally permitted. Her life dream came finally true.

Finally living in Japan, she came to a very important realization:

It is wonderful to live your dreams until you realize that you have realized your dream! But, what comes next?

In 2011 happened the nuclear disaster of Fukushima. Nobody knew what to do, a lot of foreigners left the country. But Sandra stayed in Japan, like most of the international students there at the time.

Through this disaster, Sandra learned a new lesson in life that she had not experienced before, the sense of collective responsibility which stands in contrast to the sense of individuality she has experienced in her life before. This means: first come to my needs and my family’s needs.

But in Japan, she discovered that the sense of collective responsibility is a high value. She decided to participate in an ONG and was sent as a volunteer to Ofunato (Iwate Prefecture) and Ishinomaki (Miyagi Prefecture).

By helping the people, she experienced a new lesson of life: the deep satisfaction when you do something for others without getting anything in return.

To share the moments of sadness, loss, impotence with others and to be present for others, this all made a big impact in her life.

She came as an architect to Japan but she left the country being a different person.

The next country she moved to was the Philippines, where she participated in a University research project after a big earthquake and Typhoon.

Sandra could observe what people were able to do on their own, how they managed the situation with the few resources available.

She was overwhelmed with emotions about how people welcome and treated her. Even though she was working on her university project, she experienced so much love and humanity in the Philippines which stood to some point in conflict with the purpose of her being: to collect data for her project.

She was not satisfied with being an outsider who comes and takes so much from the people but not leaving enough.

This made her reconsidered the situation and asked herself:

“What can I give in return? Can my studies help the country to some extend? “

She decided to contact the local authorities in the area of Cagayan de Oro and presented them her project data analysis and invited them to do projects in favour of the inhabitants and their living conditions. The buildings were small and not solid and could collapse at any given moment during a next Typhoon or Earthquake.

This was her way to pass on her gratitude to the inhabitants who welcomed her so warmly. She wanted to be the voice for the poor and excluded people.

The last time she visited Cagayan de Oro she could discover a slight positive change in the attitude of the government.

After the Philippines, she moved to Malaysia until she settled then to Australia where she started to work with African Immigrants living in Public Housing in Melbourne, one of Melbourne’s most vulnerable communities.

She got an understanding of the difficulties of the Immigrants and dedicated her time and efforts to give them support, a voice and hope.

This work is the inspiration of her latest book “A Home for the diaspora- From the Horn of Africa to Melbourne’s public housing”, stories narrated by refugees and migrants from the Horn of Africa.

You can find the book in the catalogue of the National Australian Library

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Twitter: @HomeDiaspora


Are you curious about Sandra and her Purpose in Life?

Don’t miss the entire interview I will be having with her on May 9th, at 11am CET

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