Purpose in Life

So many of us are looking for a real purpose in life and how we can turn ideas into action.

My aim is to introduce you to wonderful people who dare to build something for their community and environment and, who have found their purpose in life.


-Phuong Anh

I would love to introduce you to Anh

Born in Paris, France, with Vietnamese background, Anh worked as an optician until she realized that her work was meaningless to her even if in parallel she could make a lot of money from investments.

When her father passed away in 2006, his last words to her were “Don't waste your time, enjoy life right now” and his advice led her to discover new pathways in life.

She found out that her full first name “Phuong Anh” has a special meaning: “Direction of Knowledge in a small town

So, she dedicated her interest to Self-development and Mindfulness and started to work as a yoga teacher and an energy therapist. Her previous life wearing high heels and buying expensive stuff was no longer an option for her.

Anh came to Barcelona 7 years ago where she found the perfect location in the quarter of Gracia to create her “Villa Zen”, a spiritual place for people to connect, meditate, share workshops, soul music events, and so much more.

For the last 7 years Anh has been renovating the building Villa Zen and this work at many times was challenging for her. At the beginning it was hard for her to accept obstacles until she realized that this project needed to get into alignment with her values and with the real meaning it shall reflect to the people.

-Phuong Anh


Villa Zen is built on ecological installations with Water containers to collect rainwater, Osmosis systems for the water submission, Solar panels, etc, etc.


Everything has a meaning : the positioning of the plants and the home made furniture, the wall paintings and the wood integrated into the space. All the building’s decoration was done by Anh based on the Feng Shui principles, she loves creating things.


Villa Zen is most certainly a special place that can bring people together.


Are you curious about Anh and her Purpose in Life?


Don’t miss the entire interview I will be having with her on Monday, April 19th, 7pm CET via Zoom.


Meeting-ID: 839 0287 9032

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