Purpose in life

So many of us are looking for a real purpose in life and how we can turn ideas into action.

My aim is to introduce you to wonderful people who dare to build something for their community and environment and, who have found their purpose in life.

“Why don’t I do what I do best and what I love the most, which is “help people and connect people”

– Rosi Happi

I would love to introduce you to Rosi Happi.

Born in Vietnam, Rosi wanted to get to know the world and lived for many years in Europe and Australia. She confessed: „I wanna see the world, but I don’t know if I can ever see the whole world.”

Rosi is the founder of The Happievent, an event planning business initially created in Melbourne, Australia, with the idea to connect and bring people together through fun and entertaining events. Creating a Network of people that can help each other socially or workwise.

Last year in March, after almost 7 years in Melbourne, Rosi went back to Vietnam with the idea in mind to visit her family for 2 months and then move to Canada.

But the international Covid Crisis affected her initial plans and in July last year, she came to the conclusion that she would have to stay longer in Vietnam than expected. She made the rational decision that she could also start organising events in her current city Saigon or Ho Chi Minh city.

“We have to come to the realisation that we have to live with the Pandemic.
Wherever we are now, whatever we are doing right now, let’s shift to “continue with life”.


So, she started from scratch again bringing The Happievent to Vietnam by organising music and dance events such as American Music Story at Hard Rock Café or the fundraising event Dance for Kindness Flashmob which she also previously did in Melbourne.

The events were amazing and The Happievent received so much positive feedback. People loved the idea to come together, dance, do something meaningful while having fun. Rosi felt the great impact of her events and took the decision to combine her event planning expertise with her personal interest in giving back and helping people. She went deeper into running community events and charity activities every month. In December 2020, Rosi joined the Women Empowerment Club – a project initiated and funded by the US Consulate. In Jan 2021, The Happievent became the official event sponsor for Breast Cancer Network Vietnam, organizing a big fundraising event Pink Night and co-hosting the online auction event Shoppink.

Rosi recently founded the Social ChangeMakers Network where charity groups or NGOs can connect with potential sponsors and volunteers. Her ambition to create a self-sustain melting pot for the non-profit sector and promote environmental sustainability.

“They are just people like you and I: let’s help the poor people or let’s start cleaning the environment from trash, volunteers who just want to help. I bring all these people together”

The Social ChangeMakers Network is a FB group with monthly networking events where people, charities, volunteers, business come together that are interested in doing good in society or for the environment or coming from a sustainability sector.

Rosi is also planning on organising non-profit community markets where green businesses can promote their own services or products with a sustainability character.

When Rosi continues with her plan of moving to Canada in a few years, the network she started to build in Vietnam can continue running without her and she can keep building the Do Good Feel Good Live Good network in other countries.

Did you get inspired by Rosi and the beautiful work she is doing?

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