Passionate About Inspiring Others

In my early 30's I moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I could continue to develop my vision of the world. I feel deepest gratitude to all the people I have met who have helped me get to the next level of excellence.

In 2017, I discovered coaching after moving to Melbourne, Australia. I started my incredible journey at The Coaching Institute (TCI), Australia's most- awarded life coaching school with the recognition and high standards of the International Coach Guild (ICG). TCI learning comes out of NPL school of thoughts, but has been developed into its own methodology with amazing success within and outside Australia. I've been dicovering, growing, and working in the field ever since. Coaching is more than a career for me- it's a true vocation. It's challenging and inspiring. I understand the courage it takes to define your own journey, both professionally and as a human being. I also know that it is WORTH IT. Upon returning to Spain in 2019 I obtained the Diploma of Team Coaching at the European School of Coaching (EEC), accredited to CCE (Continuing Coaching Education) by ICF (International Coach Federation).



Attributes of Excellence

⭐ Complex capacity to adapt to different cultural and business environments

⭐ I am able to talk and conduct conversations in 4 different languages while also understanding the other person's cultural        

      background, values and beliefs

⭐ Transparency: I am open-minded and respectful of other people with their abilities and faux pas, and a strong believer that we all

     have the right to our own opinions. On the other hand, by either ignoring or misunderstanding the root causes and just accepting a

     situation as a way of life without choices, you can throw away valuable information on improving your life.

⭐ Determination and curiosity brought to where I am today, I don't tip toe, but rather apply courageous commitment and stand up          for what I believe.

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2019-2020: Programa de Educación Continua en Coaching: Coaching de equipos, Team Coaching.


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2019-2020: Credentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching - currently enrolled

2018-2019: Qualification of Life Coaching - International Career Institute

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The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.



& Growth

What we focus on, expands.



Opportunities don't happen. You create them.


Ich sehe jedem Coaching mit Freude und erwartungsvoll entgegen. Nicole hilft mir dabei, mich selber zu reflektieren. Sie lässt dabei keine Ausflüchte zu, sondern versteht es, den Dingen auf den Grund zu gehen. Aus dem Chaos in meinem Kopf filtert sie die wichtigen und zentralen Aspekte heraus und bringt mich so dazu, mich auch mit unbequemen Gedanken und Gefühlen auseinanderzusetzen und vieles klarer zu sehen. In den Coachings mit Nicole bin ich so ehrlich zu mir selber, wie sonst selten. Dabei schafft sie es, mich konsequent aufzubauen. Sie zeigt mir Möglichkeiten auf, an mir zu arbeiten und begleitet mich dabei bei jedem neuen Coaching. Sie bringt mich dazu, an mich selber zu glauben und mich selber wertzuschätzen. Nach jedem Coaching bin ich motiviert, voller Tatendrang und habe Ziele vor Augen. Ich fühle mich mit mir im Reinen.

Professionell, engagiert, ehrlich, empathisch, zielgerichtet – vielen Dank für die tollen Coachings.

Ulrike Kunz-Sachsse, Switzerland