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Change Is Happening Declutter  Your Life?

Posted By Admin  |  Posted On 12 May, 2021

Some weeks ago, everything was normal, our life was normal, our day-to-day with all the stressful moments was normal.  We had our daily routine and we could rely on it, for the good and for the bad.


But suddenly, everything has changed! This has disrupted so many lives! Where has all the certainty gone? How will our world be after isolation?


And if we get overwhelmed after isolation? If we discover nothing will be the same?


With the lockdown, many of us have been starting to feel as if our lives are not in our control. So many restrictions, so many new norms and so many opinions are reaching us day by day. For many of us, these messages can make us feel completely out of control of our own lives. We feel as though the world is dictating to us what to do, we seem to lose our freedom, which is disconcerting for many people.


It is a matter of fact that we can’t control what will be coming next, but the good news is that we can prepare our mind for whatever comes next. -This is under our control-


The sense of being out of control is created by our mind.  As we are the owners of our thoughts, we are 100% in the position to change them and to consider any situation in a different way. We can choose either positive or negative.


So, I want to ask you, yes you, reading this article right now: “Are you just sitting back, sleeping in, watching Netflix, playing games and waiting for things to go back to normal?”

Or are you preparing for what comes next, even though you don’t really know what that might be?  


Your reaction during the lockdown might even be a mirror for and how you go through life in general.

If you have fear and a feeling of lack of control during isolation, maybe you are also out of control of your life in general? Maybe you have been living for a long time on auto-pilot and life was leading you instead of you leading your life?


In saying so, if you are perceiving the lockdown as a negative event, get clear on the fact, that it is just a thought causing negative emotions such as lack of control, feeling overwhelmed or anxious. How you label it, what you are making it mean, is causing you to feel either motivated or demotivated. 

Your emotions, such as the emotion of feeling demotivated, will determine the actions you will take now.


In our favour, we had no idea what was coming, and it has influenced so many people’s lives. It has isolated families, and we have no plan B how to deal with it! No wonder we are having unfamiliar emotions, we are going blank!


So how can we turn it around? How can we start getting positive and motivated again? How can we stay focused? Mental health is just as important as physical health. We know how to train our body, but how are we training our mind? What are we doing to ensure our minds stay strong during this time?


In the first instance, you need to start seeing the world from a different perspective. The world as we know it, is changing. By accepting this, you might start feeling uncomfortable. But we need to feel uncomfortable in order to evolve. If we don’t feel it, we remain stuck where we are.


For those of you who want to make things work, one area to explore is what are your current values around your life, and the world, as you have been perceiving it so far. Sometimes your values could have outgrown you and you could find them not aligning with new directions and circumstances.


In order to start feeling motivated again you need to start thinking new thoughts that will initiate positive feelings. You will be able to see the situation from another angle and you will be able to accept it as it is.


A flexibility in thinking, a lighter approach to a negative event can give you more choices and alternatives.


You can learn to approach a negative event on a cognitive level rather than on an emotional level.

Identify triggers that make you feel negative and avoid them.


Start smiling, even though you don’t feel like smiling. Just the movement of a deep smile will have a positive impact on your brain.


Distance yourself from upcoming, negative feelings and thoughts immediately, because


Start thinking about what you will be doing after isolation. Write your ideas down and think about how you will be able to achieve them. Prepare an action plan that you will integrate into your life during isolation.


Set achievable goals and fulfil them without excuses.


Exercise your brain a little every day to develop a capacity for positive thinking.

Take life with more ease and lightness.


By doing so, your journey to positivity has started! Exercise it every day, so that your brain is getting used to the new way of thinking so that it can become a habit.


If you want to learn more about pathways of a positive mindset, do not hesitate and contact me TODAY at

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