Running a business is tough. Figuring it out alone is even harder.

You are at the right place if you are just starting or building your first own business or you are with an organization and want to improve your talent development.


  • Development of teams and in how far the team’s  productivity matches with the company’s goals.

  • I will lead you through questions like

    ‘Which organizational strategies you have to choose to support learning’, taking into consideration strengths analysis, skill gaps and pitfalls detection, that may hinder success. Which program components are the most effective ones for your business, which learning methods are the best for your teams, and how can you benchmark the success of implemented training?

  • Talent development is more important than ever because it means employee engagement & satisfaction, productivity and turnover increase.

  • Employees nowadays are much more autonomous than they were in the past, they are much more determined in their careers and will walk away from any organization that cannot provide development opportunities.


Establish a profitable learning culture in your company, nurture employees to become reliable resources within the company so that you build a solid foundation on which you can build success.



  • Get a clear vision, strategy, goals and actions planning

  • Build the capability to meet short and long- term goals

  • Penetrate international markets

  • Leadership development to build engaged teams

  • Coaching for teams to help you establish and maintain a team that works

  • Development of the performance, effectiveness, and execution of the team’s operations

  • Improvement of internal and external Communication & Persuasion skills

  • Skills to help employees successfully reach their goals

  • Time management principles

  • Cultural Diversity Awareness

  • Employee Happiness and Satisfaction to boost effectiveness

" I have to say that my experience with Nicole as a Coach was wonderful because she is so confident, respectful and responsible, which made my sessions with her the best. I was very confused with too much information on my mind and she with her professional questions organized my thoughts in such a way that I could see a better view of my own situation. She took me to the path where I could visualize the cause of my blocks to reach my aims and I have to say each session added value to me. Finally I opened the window that was covered in fears and how it sabotaged me."

Adriana Torres Bernal, Bogotá

​“Hello this is Jaylon C. and this past month I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole on a number of issues that I have needed to touch on and improve. It was a little tough for me at first being introverted how I normally am but Nicole made it so easy for me to open up and face these issues head on. She allowed me to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in a way I wouldn't normally. It was super helpful and it allowed me to view myself and the issues I have been dealing with in a different light; a lot less judgmental than I normally would be. She was so great at relating herself to what I was going through and showing me that there was a way out of the situations and problems I had been facing by sharing some of her own life story with me. She made me feel comforted and connected deeper to myself and also connected with her which is normally not easy for me. Nicole's words were uplifting, comforting, and motivating; she truly wanted me to recognize the issues I am dealing with and face them head on without beating myself up over them. I am very thankful to have had these sessions with her and I am looking forward to more to come. Thank you Nicole for all your help, encouragement and kind words, you are an amazing coach and person!

Jaylon C



Results-Focused  Session

Identify and work on specific points of improvement.

60 min

1:1 Session

via Zoom, Skype or Personal 

(personal only Barcelona)


Special Discount on Purchasing 4 Session

Ongoing Results Pack

Set up business Success System

  • 1st Introduction Session gratis
  • Weekly worksheets adapted to our needs
  • 12 Consulting Sessions over 3 months, analysing areas of improvement based on Dynamic Energy Principles

via Zoom, Skype or Personal 

(personal only Barcelona)


Team Support Pack 

Intensive Transformation Programme

  • 1st Introduction Session gratis
  • 12 Consulting Session over 3 months, analysing areas of improvement based on Dynamic Energy Principles
  • 4x Team excellence performance training based on recognised points of improvement

via Zoom, Skype or Personal 

(personal only Barcelona)




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